If you have elderly clients, you may start to realize that they’re becoming more frail or that they’re suffering from increasing memory and cognitive issues each time you see them. You may even wonder whether it’s still safe for certain clients to drive themselves to your office. Many of the changes that come with old age are upsetting, but perhaps the most disturbing change can be someone’s sudden inability to drive safely.

Many seniors are unwilling to give up their independence in any way, and having a car and being able to drive is a major part of that. Your clients may not realize how unsafe it is for them to be behind the wheel, and they may resent it if you choose to address your concerns about their driving safety with them or with their families.

Dangerous Situation

However, the dangers of continuing to drive when it’s unsafe to do so are all too real. In 2014, a 79-year-old woman…

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Article published by WealthManagement.com July 2 2018

Written by Emily A. Martin